Criminal Defense Investigations

Criminal Defense Clients


  • Bassil Klovee and Budreau
    Boston, MA
  • Attorney Hank Brennan | Brennan & Associates, PC.
    Boston, MA
  • Attorney J.W. Carney | J.W. Carney & Associates                                                                                Boston, MA
  • Attorney Peter A. Lloyd, P.C. 
    Barnstable, MA
  • The Law Offices of Snow and Snow
    Provincetown, MA
  • Attorney Paul F. Ware Jr.
    Boston, MA
  • Law Offices of Jenny Margeson                      Dennis, MA

When an individual is about to be or has been criminally charged, their attorney needs the best and most accurate information available to represent them and to formulate their defense. Billingsgate Associates LLC has the experience to provide legal defense teams with the very best investigative services possible to help defend their clients.

Billingsgate Associates LLC works with Criminal Defense attorneys to locate and interview victims and witnesses, obtain undiscovered evidence and supporting documentation as well as other related facts that can be used to assist in a client's defense.

Some of our high profile cases include:

  • United States vs. James J. Bulger
    Operating a Criminal Enterprise included murder, extortion, etc.
  • United States vs. Tarek Mehanna 
    PATRIOT Act Terrorist Case
  • Com vs. David
    Sexual Assault Case - Dismissed
  • Com vs. Erika Salloux
    M/V Homicide - Not Guilty
  • Com vs. James Kevin Stinson
    Arson Case-Dismissed
  • Com vs Danville Brown
    Sexual Assault reduced to Assault & Battery