Internal Affairs

An independent investigation into complaints is often mandated to preserve the integrity, trust and public's perception of the agency.  Many cities and towns rely on Billingsgate Associates LLC to conduct its Internal Affairs Investigations and Administrative & Procedural Reviews as an independent investigator for municipalities and their legal counsel for allegations and complaints made against municipal employees.


Our vast experience in police internal affairs matters as well as vetting complaints against other municipal personnel including town administrators, firefighters, public safety dispatchers, public works staff and other employees has assisted cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth with numerous matters.


Our comprehensive administrative reviews and internal affairs investigations have lead to exonerating staff as well as the justification for discipline and terminations. In many of these matters, the scope of the review may include identifying areas for recommendations for policy improvement or identify training deficiencies to explain circumstances and create a plan to prevent further problems.


An independent internal affairs investigation or administrative review is conducted to determine the validity of a complaint filed, whether lodged externally or from within an agency and reviews whether the actions or omissions of a staff member violated an agency's rules and regulations or policies and procedures. The results of an internal affairs investigation can lead to changes in policies and procedures, retraining or disciplinary action, up to and including termination or clearing an individual. Occasionally, such an investigation can uncover criminal activity.

Working directly with the city or town's legal counsel and the department or municipality's CEO, Billingsgate Associates LLC's investigators specialize in administrative reviews and internal investigations, vetting the facts of a complaint with due consideration for an employee's rights and any collective bargaining agreements to sustain complaints or exonerate staffers.